Cmore to show SHL

Period: 18/19-23/24 | Client: SHL

CSM was in 2016 awarded the task to keep adding to the progress and historically good work already put in by SHL (Swedish Hockey League) to develop and market an already amazing product. CSM advised SHL on the timing of the process, the packaging of the SHL media property and the details of the tender document. CSM also advised SHL on the set of rules for the tender process as such. The investment bank Stella EOC is a partner and a shareholder in CSM. In combination CSM and Stella EOC bring a lot of experience to their clients when it comes to high profiled media transactions. As a result of the sales process of SHL media rights Swedish pay-TV operator CMore extended the rights for another six-year-term starting with the 18/19 season. In the years to come the free-TV channel TV4 will extend its broadcast of live matches. TV4 is the main channel within Bonnier Broadcast.