NEP advisory on the WTA Tour production contract

Period: 2017-2021 | Client: NEP

Commercial Sports Media (CSM) has advised the US production giant NEP on its winning pitch to produce the WTA Tour in tennis in the five years to come. Starting in the 2017 season all media rights for the tour is owned by Perform Media Group as a ten-year-buyout deal from WTA.

Part of the new rights owners strategy is to have all matches on the tour produced for global distribution. Hence, it has been a very careful and time consuming process to plan all of the productions from all continents on the globe. NEP has proven to be the best supplier for this extensive project. CSM, through its partners, have a long background in planning and organizing the logistics around live broadcast of sporting events. Jonas Persson, CEO of CSM, has previously served as a board member at Mediatec, that was acquired by NEP in 2015.